What is detox and why is it critical?

When toxins build up in our bodies, we get sick! Our Western lifestyle challenges our bodies to eliminate a burdensome level of toxins. Detoxification is the processing and elimination of toxins. It is ongoing, happens in every cell and is a natural process.

Our current health status reflects the cumulative effects of a lifetime of exposure and our body’s ability to effectively detoxify. “Total load” is the total amount of stressors on our system at any one time. The greater the load, the greater the incidence of illness and disease. Detox programs decrease the negative impact of toxins on bodily processes.

Effective detoxification is key to achieving optimum health, and recovering from or avoiding disease. It enhances the immune system and the reparative, anti-aging faculties of the body. Supporting the body’s natural detoxification system is critical.

Purification strategies to harmonize and balance biochemistry to induce the body into a pattern of self healing have been used throughout history and across cultures.

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