Why Detox & How to Prep

Why do you need to detox?

Why should someone use detox therapy?

  • to restore gut function
  • reduce heavy metals
  • reduce organic chemicals stored in fat

What does a detox therapy entail?

The detoxification process involves diet, nutrient therapy and exercise as well as hydrotherapy, sauna and other modalities.

The goal is to help the body eliminate and cleanse itself of accumulated toxins.

How do you prepare to detox?

First, it’s important to determine your health status and current exposure to toxins. There are questionnaires you can complete and simple tests your practitioner can use to design a program just for you.

There are many approaches to detoxifying the body. A detox program should be designed to suit your individual needs.

Prior to embarking on a detox plan, it’s important to prepare your body to handle the process.

The preparation phase depends in great deal on your health status, toxic load and ongoing exposure, your body’s level of ability to detoxify, and the support you’ll need throughout the process.

It includes eliminating all toxins from both the environment (house, office) and foods; eliminating all known potentially allergenic foods including sugar, dairy, wheat, soy, and eggs; eliminating alcohol and caffeine; and drinking lots of filtered water.

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