Can the food you eat make you happy?

What you eat affects your health, how you feel, sleep, and think.

Food and nutrition profoundly impact health and happiness, mitigate the harmful effects of stress and anxiety, and can either cause or reduce inflammation. Chronic systemic inflammation is being implicated in more health challenges and concerns as scientific research is revealing this critical link to many modern day diseases and illness. My focus is primarily using food and nutrition to improve mood and mental health, to be happy. Read more…

Fresh, organic, whole foods are best for health.

Are you toxic? The answer most likely is yes whether you realize it or not.

Day in and day out, we are exposed to hundreds of toxins in our air, water, furniture, cleaning products, personal care products, dry cleaning, etc., etc. The sources are many and increasing daily. And those are only the exogenous toxins. Our bodies produce toxins as a by-product of metabolism. While we are innately equipped to handle a fair amount of toxic exposure, the cumulative effects of the ever increasing load puts an undue burden on the body’s ability to effectively detoxify itself naturally. The consequences could potentially be dire. We bear witness to them daily as we get sicker as a nation. Below is some light reading on detoxification. Eating clean, whole, unprocessed organic foods supports your body in its daily struggle to keep you healthy and free of disease.

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